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Welcome to your new salon home....


We are so happy that you found us, and cannot wait to meet you! So what are you waiting for?

Below are some super easy steps to get you headed in the right direction.

Step 1 

Digital Consultation 

Please Fill out the Digital Consultation form.

Step 2

Choose your Stylist

Step 2

Choose your services and book! 

Step 3

Decide your

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy and we get that, so we take away all of the usual stress and confusion by creating 5 options that will make it easier for you to book your first visit.


Each experience includes- A customized coloring experience, personalized hair cut, relaxing scalp massage with a hot towel, a personalized style session with product recommendations.

Service pricing is subject to change depending on product usage, timing, and your end goal.

Please choose the option that best fits you needs. If you are unsure please choose consultation.



Are you not sure which option you need to book?

Not sure what you are needing done? 


Would you like to talk about different options?


Would you feel more comfortable meeting your stylist beforehand?


Are you wanting extensions?


A consultation may be best for you, choose this option for a complimentary



30 minute consultation - Complimentary 

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Are you in a tight pinch, have an event come up and don’t need a full


color? This is the option for you. Come in and get a hairline highlight, or a


root retouch just where it shows. This only focuses on your hair part.


Usually takes about an hour and just needs to be done whenever you


want a little spruce up.



-Part line base color or highlight 

-Blow dry

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Looking to cover gray, go darker, or just change the tone of your color? This


service is great for brunettes, Red heads, or changing the tone of your blonde. Get


rid of those stubborn grays and bring your hair back to life, needed about every 4-6


weeks. This typically takes 1.5 hours. 


This includes:

-Refresh Color 

-Spa Shampoo

-Hair Cut or treatment 

-Blow out and style 

-Post care product knowledge

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Signature Blonding


    This service is for those looking for a highlight or balayage look without doing the entire head, it's also great for those wanting to maintain their current blonde. This is our most popular option. This service needs to be maintained every 6-8 weeks depending on your level of maintenance. Normally it takes about 3 hours. 



-Signature Color/Blonding 

-Spa shampoo experience 


-Hair Cut or treatment 

-Blow out or style

-Post care product knowledge 

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Inclusive Blonding Experience 


Ready for a change? A total makeover?  This service is for those who are looking for an all over dimensional color service or full blonding. This service is normally performed 1-2 times a year depending on your desired maintenance level. Normally it takes 4 hours.



-Ultimate color/ blonding 

- Spa shampoo 


-Hair cut or treatment 

-Blow out or style 

-Post care product knowledge 

Step 3

Book your Service

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