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Here is everything you need to know about hair extensions pricing. 

So you are super interested in hair extensions. Great! There is so much to love about extensions. I have seen them completely change a person's confidence in the matter of an hour but I know what your thinking, BUT KELLY HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? Well I thought you would never ask! When pricing extensions there are several different things i look at! It's never cut and dry. We will customize it for you!

Welcome Love, 


Step 1 

16 in 
Per Pk

18 inch 
Per Pk

22 inch
Per Pk

24 inch
Per Pk

Extension Pack Calculator 

Step 2 

Fine +0
Medium +1 
Thick +2 

Small head -1 
Large Head +2

Just add volume +1 
Add a couple of inches +2 
Add 4-5 inches +3 
Make me a mermaid +4


How thick is your hair/ head Size?

FIne hair, and a couple of inches = 2 

Thick and make me a mermaid = 6 packs


How long Are you
wanting you hair?

Add it up

Step 3

Ordering & Payment Methods

Once you have decided that you are ready for extensions. We will have a free custom color consultation where we decide exactly what colors will look best in your hair, we will order the hair that day. It normally takes about a week for the hair to arrive. 

We accept the following payment methods.
major credit and debit cards, Venmo, and Afterpay

Step 4


Ok the day is finally here we are so excited that your hair has arrived and we are ready to give you your luscious locks! Just sit back and let me take care of the rest! Custom blending and shaping of the extensions are included in the instal.

Installation Pricing 

1 Pack $75
2 Packs $120
3-5 Packs $150
5+ Packs $200


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